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Frontdoor Computer Vision Engineer in Portland, Oregon

Position Overview

We are hiring a Computer Vision Engineer to join our R&D team at Streem. The team is made of ex-Google, ex-Amazon, ex-IBM and PhDs from the likes of Cambridge University.

Streem is a company with a simple mission: make the world’s expertise more accessible. We believe that as quickly as you can hail a ride with your phone, you should be able to have a plumber check out your leaky faucet. We are building an Augmented Reality platform for experts to provide remote, on-demand services to their customers, saving money and time in traffic, and providing a better overall experience for both parties.

Do you want to build a cutting-edge AR platform that solves real problems for our customers? Streem is looking for the most innovative people to join our R&D team.

What you will do

  • Define project requirements and success criteria for computer vision solutions designed to solve high-impact customer problems.

  • Collaborate with our team of software engineers to translate R&D prototypes into secure, stable, testable, and maintainable production services.

  • Collaborate with other scientists to research, develop, and evaluate innovative scientific solutions

  • Develop automated approaches towards monitoring solutions performance and evaluating impact.

  • Should thrive and have demonstrated success in an environment which offers ambiguously defined problems, big challenges, and quick changes

What you will need

  • Master's Degree in Computer Vision or related fields OR 2 years of proven industry experience in Computer Vision problems

  • Demonstrated academic success

  • Excellent communication & organizational skills

  • Strong technical skills/Proficient in 3D mesh processing, image processing, feature descriptors, 2D to 3D matching

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Hands on coding and object-oriented design with Python and C++ High attention to detail

  • Self-motivated

  • Analytical mindset

About The Company

Streem started like many startups - out of pure passion and necessity. Co-Founders, Ryan (CEO) and Sean (CTO), began building the business nights and weekends in 2017. Both had several experiences needing a product like Streem, and were sick and tired of all the inefficiencies in the home services market. Since then, we've been growing the product and the team to meet our high goals and expectations, both from ourselves and our customers.

We are backed by a 1.5 billion dollar home services company but are a true Portland startup.

Streem has been nominated for (and won) a handful of awards in its short life time:

  • Rated #2 Hottest Tech Startup Globally in 2019 by Crunchbase

  • 2019 OEN Development Stage Company of the Year (winner)

  • 2018 OEN Game Changer Award (winner)

  • Best App award at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (winner)

  • TAO Startup of the Year, Pre-Revenue (finalist)

  • Best Consumer App, Augmented World Expo (finalist)

Our office is located on the 11th floor on 3rd and Alder in downtown Portland, and we love to walk to the food carts for lunch. Learn more at at


Diversity, equality, and inclusion work. Streem prioritizes building a work environment and culture that works well for employees of every race, gender, sexual orientation, size, disability, and background. Ask us how!

No silos, no egos. Streem values ideas, interdisciplinary collaboration, and open exchange of constructive feedback. To make this safe for everyone, we foster a culture of trust and respect rather than competition between employees. If you’ve got skills or interests outside what we mentioned in our listing, we want to know about them!

Week-long 10% time. Once a quarter, our whole team sets aside the strategic roadmap and spends a week on whatever we each think is important. Doing this together encourages big ideas and cross-department team-ups, and it’s a lot of fun.

Enjoy your work life; keep your home life. We’ve got a fun office with free snacks, cold brew, and beer on tap for our Demo Day Fridays. Streemers spend time together in a lunch-hour book club and while supporting our neighborhood’s wealth of great restaurants and cart pods. At the end of the day, we go home. Our co-founders both have young children and lead by example through avoiding crunch and exercising our unlimited PTO policy.

Your Desk

You probably spend the majority of your time coding at your desk, so we think it is important for you to know how that will feel.

  • Each person has a super widescreen external monitor

  • Everyone uses new MacBook Pros

  • Our desks are glass, so you can use whiteboard markers to jot ideas

  • All desks are electronic sit-stand desks

  • At your 1-year anniversary, you'll receive a personalized bobblehead of you wearing some Streem swag, so we hope that is on your desk as well :-)

Frontdoor is a company that’s obsessed with taking the hassle out of owning a home. With services powered by people and enabled by technology, it is the parent company of four home service plan brands: American Home Shield, HSA, Landmark and OneGuard, as well as Candu Home Solutions, an on-demand membership service for home repairs and maintenance, and Streem, a technology company that enables businesses to serve customers through an enhanced augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning platform. Frontdoor serves more than two million customers across the U.S. through a network of more than 16,000 pre-qualified contractor firms that employ over 45,000 technicians. The company’s customizable home service plans help customers protect and maintain their homes from costly and unexpected breakdowns of essential home systems and appliances. With nearly 50 years of experience, the company responds to over four million service requests annually (or one request every eight seconds). For more details, visit .

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